I am Shannon Leger, and I started out sewing at 4 years old using my mother’s sewing machine. I have over 5 decades of experience as a seamstress. So there is plenty that I can teach anyone. From those starting out to those that are more advanced in their techniques and skills.

Everyone can learn, even individuals such as myself that are considered “experts” in the field. SewPopular is the Members Area of ShannonsSewAndSew.Com It is dedicated to teaching everyone that signs up that anyone can learn how to sew, or better themselves as a seamstress. This includes children as well.

Our members area is filled with tools, videos, and guidance to assist you. In addition to the teaching part of the members area there is a section for those that are wanting to learn how to use this craft to make money, whether full or part-time. I sold my handmade products and had a business sewing for an interior designer. My husband, Ted Leger sold products online for almost a decade, and so we combined our knowledge in this area to give you years of experience. Look forward to meeting everyone that wants to sign up. Any questions feel free to send us a message through the contact pages.

Shannon Leger