If you already have a Google account, including Gmail, you can just use that account to setup Google Voice if you prefer. Use the same login credentials when you are setting up the Google Voice account as you do when logging into your Gmail. Note: We don’t own Google Voice, so we can’t give advice or instruction on it besides the video to the right.




Have you ever missed a sale because you didn’t recognize a number or when the potential customer called you they thought they were calling a home line so they hung up? Do you only have one phone number – your cell phone or house phone, and either don’t want to pay for another phone line for your business or can’t afford one? Would you like a free phone line that you can set as your business line? You can!

You can set up a free account with Google Voice. You will have EASY access to your FREE account if you are a member by coming back to this page. And if you have Google Voice setup, you will have a professional voice message that will not only take your phone calls, they can send you a text with the voice message that was left from the customer! This will help you to see if you need to contact a potential customer right away or if it is something that can wait until you are not in the middle of something.

Here are some other great advantages of signing up for this service:

Reasons For This Service

1. Routing power

The problem of needing to have multiple numbers for different purposes is eliminated by Google Voice. After you have signed up and received a FREE telephone number, you can add in all of the numbers you already have into the control panel, including your home phone, work phone, cell phone and any other numbers you might have. Then, whenever you get a call, your phones will all ring (or a subset of them if that is how you set it up), and you will be able to answer the call on whichever phone is most convenient for you at that particular time.

However, the advanced routing options provided by Google Voice is where the real power comes into play. You have the ability to set your preferences up so that certain phone calls will only ring on some of your phones. So, for example, if you want to have the calls from your wife go straight to your cell phone and calls from your mother to only ring on your home phone, then you could specify these preferences. You can even have certain calls directly routed to voicemail if you want.

2. Screening power

After a call has come through, there is an entire other set of options that are available to you. Whenever you pick the call up, and while the person who called still hears the phone ring, you will be given the caller’s name along with four different options for you to choose from: answer the call, answer and record the telephone call, send the call to voicemail, or send it into voice mail while also listening to it live.

Google Voice utilizes information contained in your address book in order to inform you about who is calling. If the person isn’t on your contacts list, then Google Voice will ask the caller for his or her name, and when you pick up the phone will play the name back to you.

3. The power of voicemail

As previously mentioned, the voicemail system provided by Google Voice enables you to listen in as the caller is recording their message. You can pick up the call mid message by just pressing the star key and then start talking.

The Google Voice voicemail system is also completely accessible via the Web as well. You can listen to your voicemail, forward voice messages to others, and embed messages on other websites from your online account. Text transcriptions of voice messages are also offered by Google Voice in addition to being able to receive these as text or email messages.

4. SMS power

Google Voice and SMS are fully integrated with one another. If a message is sent to your Google Voice number, it will be routed to any of your mobile phones that you have connected with the service. You can also respond to text messages either from the Google Voice Web interface or from any phone.

Google Voice is also able to store your text messages and permanently archive them inside its Web interface. So every text you ever receive or send can be searched, file and saved forever- just like email is. The Google Voice Web system, just like Gmail, displays messages made back and forth as conversations, which makes it easier to follow the dialogue.

5. Midcall power

There is additional power provided by Google Voice when you are in the middle of a phone call as well. If you want to start or stop recording a call, all you need to do is press one button. These recordings can then be accessed online. You also have ability to switch phones during a call without needing to interrupt it. While you are talking, all you need to do is press the star key. This will cause all of the other phones that you have connected to the service to start to ring. You can then pick whichever one up that you want, hang up the original phone, and continue on in your conversation like nothing has happened.