This section will be ideas on different items to sew, including items that you can sew for gifts, and even to sell.


Lots of variations for each bag. You can make any size you wish and any style.

Use handles or go without. Go with colorful blocks or any shape you want.

The above examples are narrow but you can go with any width you would like.

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Laundry bags are easy to make and you can throw the laundry bag into the wash as well. Hangs for easy storage.


There are many ways to embellish a pillow case. Colorful fabrics are one, but additionally, you can attach lace to the pillow case opening.

Try ribbon on the corners and more to spruce it up. Match it to your bed sheets and sets.

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Get a five gallon bucket.

Make several pockets on the outside to hold your tools like dusters, cleaners, and other items.

The rest can go inside the empty space that is left in the bucket.


Make a cute and simple water tote.

Add a strap and cinch it up to whatever length you like.

A little larger and it can hold snacks.


Tablecloths like the one in the image above can be elegant. But they also can be fun and light for outdoor occasions.

Inside the home you can make them match the decor. Depending on how extensive you want them, they can be some of the easiest pieces to make when sewing.

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Making an outside apron for gardening and holding your tools can really be a great thing to have.

It’s simple to just add some pockets to the apron. This will hold your small tools and you are ready to go.

And don’t forget it can house your gloves as well!


Having a portable jewelry tote is the perfect thing for someone on the go.

You can take a beautiful piece of thick fabric or sturdy cloth and sew several small pockets for the jewelry.

Make it where you can roll the caddy/tote together and use fabric to make a tie to wrap it up for carrying, or even to stick it in your overnight bag.


Table runners, like tablecloths, can be either simple or detailed. Thicker fabrics are typically used, and will hold up over time.

Make them with matching napkins and accessories and you will have a table set that makes the dining area stand out.

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Most sports fans have sat on stadium seats that aren’t comfortable. And the stadium cushions you buy don’t help much because they aren’t very thick.

So why don’t you make a thicker cushion from any fabric you like including one with your favorite team logo?

It’s just like creating a pillow, and you make it the perfect size and thickness for yourself.


If you take your lunch to work or school, then you can make yourself a lunch bag from any fabrics you like.

Easy to cut and sew, and tack a little velcro on or use a button with a band to keep it shut.

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When creating the pin cushion, add cross sections as you see in the picture above.

This will create specific spots for specific types of pins and needles. Even your pin cushions can be organized.

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